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            OUR PRODUCTS

            Polyurethane cold storage insulation board

            Polystyrene cold storage insulation sandwich board

            Cold storage board

            Cold storage board XPS extruded board

            Cold storage board

            Polyurethane sandwich panel

            Polyurethane cold storage insulation board

            Polystyrene cold storage insulation sandwich board

            Jiangsu Hongyue Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd.

            After years of continuous development and growth, the factory now has a number of advanced equipment in the industry, such as advanced hydraulic mold locking foam mold, multiple high-pressure foam machines, full-automatic CNC cold storage panel molding machine, CNC shearing machine, CNC bending machine, BMF series multi-functional color steel sandwich panel production line, and a group of high-quality professional technicians to ensure product quality and enhance production capacity.

            Cold storage design

            Specializing in combined cold storage design, involving industrial freezing and food freezing and refrigeration

            Advanced Equipment

            We have computer automatic controlled opening and forming line and the most advanced production equipment from Italy

            Project experience

            With many years of construction experience, the State Council and ministries have also selected our products.

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            About Us

            Jiangsu Hongyue Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in cold storage panel, cold storage door, sandwich panel, production, processing and installation. The factory is located in Luoyang Town, Changzhou City, Jiangnan with a long history. It is the hometown of Zhao Yi, a poet and historian who chanted "the generation of talented people from all over the world has led the fashion for hundreds of years". It is also the birthplace of General Wang Zheng, the founder of the radio communication business of the Red Army and the pioneer of new China's electronic industry. The old and famous trees in the plant area are verdant and lush. Every Mid Autumn Festival, the fragrance of the fragrant osmanthus, the park-like ecological environment has become a well-known garden-style factory in the area.


            OUR CUSTOMERS


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